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PostPost by: summerinmaine » Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:33 am

SWMBO has displayed (almost) infinite patience, but has been dropping hints of late that I should clear out some of my accumulation of random parts that will never go onto my Elan. And, that I should give more thought to financing my garage time out of the accumulation, rather than continuing to raid the widows and orphans fund.

I started to go through some of the boxes that are identified as Elan parts, and am starting to come up with items that I don't recognize and/or I know I will never use. Thus, I'll be looking for advice as to the identity and approximate value for some odd bits and pieces.

For example, we recently had a thread devoted to windscreen rods, and I found, wrapped up with what I thought was simply a radio antenna, a tie rod with a mirror mounted on it. I know that this is from the later Elan (S4?), and it's quite a bit larger in gauge (~5mm) than my S2 rod (~2mm), but does anyone have a SWAG as to the "street" value of the rod (no nipple) and mirror? Here's a couple of images:

screen rod & mirror 1.jpg and

screen rod & mirror 2.jpg and

Also, I found a bunch of horns, including three or four that may be clear hooters (this is a mirror image set):

horns.jpg and

Some of the other stuff I recognize (like a set of the chrome "rimbellishers" (and I think I have a set of Lotus embossed wheel covers packed away somewhere)), but other pieces leave me baffled (like two aircleaner housings, one with dual air intakes and the other with only a single).

I know I could just throw everything onto eBay and let the chips drop, but I prefer to hold that as a last resort.

Thanks for any help. BTW if there's a better forum for posting queries of this sort, please let me know.

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