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Minilite Superlite wheel center caps

PostPost by: grand_manitou » Tue Dec 13, 2022 8:18 pm

Greetings to all,

Anyone know where to get those? I have pretty old wheels, for what I understand, that where made in australia. It's hard to measure with precision, but the center cap hole seems to be about 70mm, or 69mm?
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PostPost by: elans3 » Wed Dec 14, 2022 10:21 am

The only Minilite -Style wheel manufacturer I know of in Australia, were Performance Wheels. AFAIK, genuine Minilites have only ever been made in the UK.
However, Minilite may have been made under license by someone else in Australia for a time.
Do your wheels have "Performance" cast into them ?
I've had a set of the Performance ones on a BMW NK I had some years ago, and they're very good quality.
If I were you. I'd measure the wheel centre aperture accurately on your wheels, then talk to Minilite direct. It's fairly likely that theirs will be the same size.
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