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Rear shock inserts top nut - binding

PostPost by: miked » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:50 pm

Just thought i would mention this problem. The hex alloy top securing collar/nut that secures the insert into the Chapman strut caused the shocker piston to bind.
So much so that as the jack was released from under the strut it came down in a jerky manner about 10mm at a time.
Then bouncing on the rear end you could feel and hear this.
Stripping down again confirmed that the shocker piston was offset to one side. Hence rubbing on one side and a great big gap opposite. Upon releasing the collar from the strut body and measuring the internal diameter of the collar and comparing it with the top of the shocker body, there was way to much clearance. The alloy collar should centre the shocker body so that the piston is concentric in the collar piston hole. Hence not bearing and binding and potentially scoring the hard chrome surface.
This was on a friends car and these were bought back in 2013. Only done 100 shakedown miles. So little point trying to talk to supplier for any sort of resolution.

I think these alloy collars are generic and are perhaps used by mutliple shocker suppliers.
So before you nip these up check that the collar is machined correctly to give central grip and not moving about with lots of clearance. Not much fun splitting a do nut and dropping a strut to go back into here in current heat.

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