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Much has been written here about various wheel fitments. Much seemed to me to be anecdotal, based on faded memory, or erroneous vendor claims. So I thought I would post some photos of actual wheels. The 3 wheels compared are all knock on types: standard 2 seater Elan 4 1/2" wheel, Elan +2 5 1/2" wheel, and a Minilite 5". Measured backspacing (straightedge across rim and measured to mating face) for each are:
4" for standard wheel
4.5" for +2 wheel
just under 4" for Minilite (spec is 100mm)

The measuring setup is a 2 seater Elan rear upright, with outboard measurements relative to the threaded portion of the hub (per first photo), and inboard measurements relative to the damper tube.

You can draw your own conclusions about what might fit your particular car.
img_1168.jpg and
basic setup
img_1169.jpg and
standard wheel
img_1170.jpg and
+2 wheel
img_1171.jpg and
Minilite wheel
img_1174.jpg and
standard wheel
img_1173.jpg and
+2 wheel
img_1172.jpg and
Minilite wheel

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