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S4 Elan - Tyres on Panasport Wheels

PostPost by: ElliottN » Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:14 pm

I have a set of Panasport wheels (13" x 5") waiting for tyres - then on to the S4 Elan.

I'm interested to know what different size/make tyres others have succeeded in fitting on Panasports without fouling the wheel arches, particularly the rears.

Suspension is standard all round (though the rear spring perches have been hammered in a bit) and I'm open about whether to go towards original sizing like 165/80 profile (OK, they were originally 155.13's) or down towards 185/60's. I currently have (old) Bridgestone 185/60R13's on the original 4 1/2" steel knockons which fit OK, but only just on the rear - more because with the smaller diameter the fender doesn't actually get down enough (or the tyre up enough!) to foul the wheel arch.

I tried a 175/75R13 Michelin (XM2) on one Panasport the other day and moved it around to each corner - all OK for clearance on the front (fairly stiff front end) and no problems with the A-arms or spring perches on the rear but it was too wide/tall for the rear wheel arches when the car squats on the rear suspension.

What have others done?
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PostPost by: jbeach » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:20 pm


My '69 S4 DHC has 155x13 H-rated Vredestein Sprint+ on Panasports. I love these tires on this car. The tires don't disclose their aspect ratio. They are a little close to the inner-lip of the fender on the front, but don't seem to rub.

I've just now plumbed the depths of the Vredestein web site (which is a bit odd to begin with) and can only find the Sprint Classic on there now. They listed the Sprint+ when I bought these tires last November. I'm a bit concerned Vredestein is no longer making the Sprint+. That would be a shame. You might want to call them and ask.


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PostPost by: khamai » Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:14 am


A 175/70 tire is an iffy fit on an S4. Fitment will vary by the brand of the tire.

Generally on the rear a 175 may touch just inside the upper fender lip on bump or when the car rolls during cornering. Try on both sides, you likely find it will clear on one side but NOT the other.

Also, keep in mind that under cornering the tire sidewall will flex and displace as much as 1/4-1/2" at the top! So, it's best to have about 3/8" clearance between the spring perch and the tire sidewall on the rear.

In the front the tire when new with lots of tread will likely rub at or near full lock touching the fender well at the back (where you feet go). For example, turn hard right and you'll see the rear of right side front touching or nearly touching the inside fender.

A better fit is the original 155/80 or a 165/70. The issue with a 165/70 is that it is a bit shorter than a 155/80.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about the Panasport K/Os and their history you can visit - http://gglotus.org/ggtech/elan-panasport/elanwhls.htm

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