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Steering column problem

PostPost by: William2 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:46 pm

I have a query regarding the steering column position relating to my S4 restoration. I have installed the steering, and pedal box and the problem I have is that the column impact clamp bolt heads hit the brake pedal pivot bush by about 1/8". Maybe I should have positioned the pedal box another 1/4" to the right, but too late to change it now. However I am not sure whether the impact clamp should be positioned further up towards the steering wheel to avoid the problem I have.This means that the outer column tube would need to be pulled back further to achieve this. I am not sure what the ideal position is supposed to be for the outer column. At present I have pushed mine in as far forward as it will go so that the steering wheel is as close to the dash as possible. I would be grateful for any advice and maybe the odd measurement to position the column correctly and to ascertain whether the impact clamp should be further back from the brake pedal pivot.
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PostPost by: fatboyoz » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:25 am

The impact clamp should be positioned somewhere on the upper half of the machined, flat on the inner column. This will allow the steering column to collapse if required. The outer column then sits lightly against the clamp with a plastic disc/spacer between the two.
My RHD S4 has about 20mm clearance between the brake pivot and the impact clamp.
You can play around with these dimensions to achieve different steering wheel positions, to suit your sitting preference.
As far as I remember, the position of the pedals is fixed by the large mount that is clamped by the master cylinder bolts.
Brian Buckland's book has a good description on setting up the steering column.
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PostPost by: elanner » Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:31 am


With regard to the outer column position, I think a good starting point is to set it so that the two little rubber ears of the top bush (that holds the inner-column) are about 1-2 inches from the front of the dashboard. The ears can be clearly seen sticking though little holes in the outer column, just below the dip/main/indicator switch housing.

The impact clamp should be very close to the bottom of the outer column (at least, mine is). This will allow maximum travel for the impact collapse mechanism.

And if you haven't replaced the bushes now would be a good time. It only takes a few minutes and removes any up/down/left/right play in the steering wheel. (A pet peeve of mine!)

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