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Alignment & rear wheel toe in.

PostPost by: alexblack13 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:14 pm

hi guys,

Thanks for that. Fishing line I suppose for the strength and also the thickness of the material? Good tip though. Thanks.

I have decided on the string/line. I have made some attachment devices and am footering with these just now. I will have to wait till I have the driveshafts etc refitted and its still to cold to go near it just now. I have vertical plates on the ends of the ramp runners onto which I am going to fit rods with a system of easy sideways and vertical adjustment.Tension of line will be with springs both end to keep tightness.


Keep you posted...

034 [].JPG and
see those vertical plates which stops one from driving off the end? Well there are the same on the infeed end. These lift out for obvious reasons
I am fitting vert rods to these and hanging the lines off the rods along the car length.
Should do the trick.
Alex Black.
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