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we (the Cheshire Lotus Owners Group..CLOG) are going to the gold cup over the sunday and bank holiday monday in august......
I have managed to get free tickets to those people who wish to be on our lotus 'stand' (more of a load of lotus all parking in a large group)...however as I say the tickets are free and we get to drive round the track in a parade lap.....this was however last year not so much of a parade as a game of keepy uppy with the DB9 sports thing that was 'stretching' its legs as the pace car......needless to say we all came off after about 6 laps with a very wide grin indead!!!
if your interested, the car and driver are free admission and your passenger gets a concessionanry ticket.
drop me a line [email protected]
the gold cup by the way is a historic sports car club meet...basically GT, sports, F3, F2, F1 and F5000....basically anything and everything that was eligible to race between the start of racing and 1977......
lots of 50's 60's and 70's F1 cars.......
let meknow cheers
ps [email protected]
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