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Weber DCOE 40 151 Fuel Level

PostPost by: Grizzly » Tue May 07, 2019 6:28 pm

Thats more or less how i set it up with the stock Weber jets (although that was a little rich on the progression too) i admit it's a bit of a pain to get right, my biggest problem with the stock jets was tweaking the tip in to come in as the idle jets started to drop off while having the progression afr anywhere near and all that with no stumble / flat spot.

I need to really get some quality time with it, as it stands my best cruise afr is 10.8-11 with all the holes open in the W50's, after a fair bit of reading up i am starting to think the fat mixture is hiding the need for a fourth progression hole to cover an off idle lean spot which is preventing me from getting it running better in the high gear low rpm cruise range.

I also have a very slight twist on my back carb shaft which has introduced some popping on over run, just another thing to fix but i will get there in the end.
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