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looking for 45 degree fuel union (banjo fitting) for Weber

PostPost by: mcjudy » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:51 am

Where can I find an angled (e.g. 45 degree) fuel line
fitting for my webers? I want to change the throttle linkage
on '66 ELan and new one won't fit because the mechanism
interferes with the 90 degree fitting. Linkage is from
R.D Enterprises. http://www.rdent.com/ See under
carburetor->linkages, the low profile throttle linkage
one (he has lots of throttle linkages).

He can sell me a new fuel loom for $170 which will
address the problem, but seems a bit pricey.

The current banjo fitting (what Weber calls a fuel union) is
part 68 on any Weber parts diagram , for example

I need an angled fuel union, like 45 degrees or so.
Here's the right idea
See the image on left of 'old fitting'. But the Weber banjo is 15mm
inside diameter- larger than this one. There must be some other
car that uses an angled fitting.

No success with google so far.

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