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PostPost by: bast0n » Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:33 pm

I hope that I am not boring you! I have tried several proprietry throttle setups for twin Webers over the years and they have always annoyed me by being too big, heavy and complicated and also quite expensive and not always very well made. I have looked at lots of threads in this forum on the subject and believe I can help as I have made my own out of stainless sheet. It is so simple and works so smoothly and is so adjustable for spring strength you would not believe it! I enclose some photos below of my latest version in the making and also a picture of the Mark One that works wonderfully but has two pieces of bracket. The latest version only has one. Add lightness and simplify did not someone once say! If any one is interested I can send them drawings and so on so that they can make their own.
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