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CFM head gasket 84/85mm 0.59"

PostPost by: promotor » Wed Aug 10, 2022 12:30 pm

Looking to find something similar spec to the above which is available in the UK - I'm wanting a CFM type, not a MLS multi layer shim type. Something slightly thicker than 0.059" may also do the job.

The only ones I can find are in USA (and even then appear to be special order), but I don't want to be dealing at distance if possible as I may want to purchase another if it turns out to be suitable.

I've got pistons that are slightly above the block top (1600 crank in 1500 block) and would prefer to not machine the tops of the pistons and valve cut-outs if there is a head gasket available.

I've seen the various threads about companies in Oz making gaskets to order, but not seen anything for the UK ( do we make anything these days? :D )

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