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Enlarged Sump

PostPost by: lance54 » Thu Dec 02, 2021 9:19 pm

I've been unable to respond to the ElanNet User who PM'd me about the source of this type oil sump using a dry-sump pump without a remote oil tank...

558BAF56-192B-41F4-A873-23209CF00683.jpeg and

I know a Super Seven racer who has one and provide me with a picture of the inside....

A179EC46-5978-4D0A-8903-A299B28718B1.jpeg and

Unfortunately we have not been able to identify who fabricated this type oil sump.

A similar enlarged sump but designed for use with a standard oil pump is available from....


and looks like this....

90E94896-BFB4-4C7A-B843-8CA34CB7927D.jpeg and

Hope this helps.
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