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Fatboy radiator for S3, S4, Sprint and Plus 2 models

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Hello All,
Had an unpleasant situation with a member last week so thought I had better come onto the site and clear something up. The above listed models are fitted with a radiator made of parts from a Triumph Sptifire radiator but are not fitted with a Spitfire radiator. The Spitfire radiator has a very low sloping top water tank following the line of the bonnet and the top hose pipe is braised in 180 degrees opposed to the Elan radiator. The fat boy radiator that we supply has a thick full depth high efficiency core with the tall top radiator tank stamped with Stanpart and Coventry motor fittings. There is in fact a bottom radiator tank fitted to the top and bottom of the radiator. The troublesome Otter switch has been replaced with a Lucas brass type screwed into a threaded boss. I am informed that this radiator is acceptable to those judging cars for concourse content and also our 9" turbo fan fitted against the core is overlooked being the cure of the dreaded slow traffic and tickover overheating problems. To be able to maintain the supply of these original style radiators we must have an old unit Elan radiator returned to us for reconditioning. We had a very angry member that returned an old Spitfire radiator with the top hose pipe sawn through to make it fit, because we told him that this was not suitable for exchange and a full refund. We are happy to buy these radiators but the only usable part is the bottom water tank and they are valued accordingly. We will also buy a surplus Elan old radiator for reconditioning. We loose units when they go out to the Far East or America and it is deemed not practice to return them. There should be a few surplus ones out there that have replaced the full width aluminium radiators that we have supplied. Regards, Steve, Coolex.
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