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Twin Cam Blocks Being Remanufactured

PostPost by: tdafforn » Thu Jan 15, 2004 11:11 am

Hi All,
Just got the latest Burton Power catalogue in which they have announced that they are remanufacturing the engine block for the lotus Twink. Apparently they are going to be available in cast iron or Aluminium alloy. No sign of price as yet.
(As always I have no financial interest Blah Blah...)
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PostPost by: M100 » Thu Jan 15, 2004 11:33 am

The cast iron ones are something new, but in aluminium form I think they have been around for quite a while in the USA from Dave Bean. Price is $3500.00 although maybe this is down to the use of some wonder material called aluminum <vbg>

<a href='http://www.davebean.com/specials6.htm#TCBlock' target='_blank'>http://www.davebean.com/specials6.htm#TCBlock</a>

There was an aluminium one on display at the Autosport show last week on, I think, the Grainger and Worralls stand.

Don't think it was for direct sale to an end customer and could be the source of the Burton ones you mentioned. They do lots of low volume and prototype castings, no idea of price though.
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PostPost by: steveww » Sun Jan 18, 2004 10:51 pm

I think QED also have new alloy blocks and new heads as well if you have the cash :rolleyes:
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