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Another Wiring Routing Thread- I searched I swear!

PostPost by: DreamsOfA26R » Mon Nov 20, 2023 11:41 pm

Hello all! The title says it best; I come with another question about how exactly the wiring harness (wiring loom) is routed on an S2 Elan. I'm also posting this in the hope that someone has a diagram or schematic showing how the harness is routed. I recall seeing one ding an internet search once, but it appears I didn't save it and now I can't find it anywhere!! :cry: I've searched this forum, the internet and all through my workshop manual and I can'y seem to find the routing described anywhere. If I'm missing something obvious I'll take my flaming as well deserved. If any of y'all can help me figure this out I'd appreciate it.

I bought new main and instrument harnesses from British Wiring as my car didn't come with anything when I purchased it, so unlike my Europa project I can't use the existing harness as a template for installing the new one.
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