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Capacitor info may be of help.
I have owned my Elan for 35 years, the first 20 years used as everyday transport. In that time I have failed 4 times to make it home. 3 times for capacitor failure. First time I put it down to my fault as I had changed the points but not the capacitor. Subsequently I always changed both. The cap failed again about 1 year ago then again last week. Reading about modern Lucas caps they don’t get good write ups.
A motor bike friend recommended Brightsparks http://www.brightsparkmagnetos.com/easycap/index.htm modern solid state condensers.
Speaking to Bill the owner he suggested that although made for magneto installation they had been fitted to cars but with a bit of modification.
Next I spoke to Distributor Doctor ( recommended on this site) He explained the problems with modern Caps and the build standard of his and his points. He did instil confidence with his products and I have ordered 2 sets. He asked if one set was as a spare and suggested I would not need spares!!
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Great post.

I use a Bosch dizzy in my Formula Ford Kent (tall block) engine. I went through three Bosch condensers in one race weekend due to new condensers failing. They were genuine Bosch, but made in Turkey. I found an old used German made one in the bottom of my electrics spares box and it lasted the rest of the season.

I have had one condenser failure on my Elan 5 years ago. Brand new, lasted about 30 miles. Pulled the old one out of the bin and reused it til I could get another.
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