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PostPost by: oatk » Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:27 pm

JoeMan78 wrote:[...]
Did you manage to get the right sender - I've emailled Smiths in Wales, but it looks like they're closed for Covid. They have what looks to be the right one listed, but the website suggests they make to order!
https://www.smiths-instruments.co.uk/pr ... ransducers
PTR1813-06 LOTUS 1/8" X 27 TPI 60 psi
I'd rather have the right one, but a £20 unit from fleabay 0-100psi might have to tide me over for a couple of months!

I found the same page and item ~18 months ago to replace an incorrect 100psi sender post recommission. It fitted perfectly, and has made the 60psi gauge read normally ever since ("low" reading at idle; 40->35ish psi at speed as the engine warms.)

I used the CAI (Smiths) contact form on their site, got a reply a week later and payment details a couple of days after that. I think it was about another week to be delivered. Cost was just over £50 with carriage and VAT.

(I've seen at least one post of folk having a harder time with CAI - but for my anecdote, the process was very smooth.)
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