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replacing the bulb contact in a Sprint sidelamp

PostPost by: peg_pilot » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:36 pm

Can anyone advise me on whether the bulb contact for a Sprint sidelamp can be removed non-destructively? Mine is corroded and needs replacement. In the photo I attach, the arrowed white insulator surrounds the contact and prevents its removal - is there any way to disassemble the insulator ? It looks like it was somehow formed in place, but perhaps some part of it unscrews or otherwise comes apart ?

This is the sidelamp that lives in the front bumper of my federal coupe. I think it is from a Spitfire.
sidelamp.JPG and
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PostPost by: elanern » Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:03 am

PM sent.

For others interested in my reply, the answer is "yes", you can remove the wire/contact and the spring behind it, but you might have to cut the wire to allow the wire to slip through the rubber boot - the bullet connector will probably get in the way. The socket pictured is a spare that came with my car, the connector was already cut off.

Lights are used on some Spitfires (I think) and Saab Sonnets. Peg's looks to be a little different than mine, although the socket/contact/spring/wire assembly should be the same.

Hope this helps.
IMG_3648.JPG and

IMG_3649.JPG and

IMG_3650.JPG and
Inside the socket

Edit: Let me add a couple of additional photos to show the rubber block that fits between the socket/lens/reflector/chrome keeper.

The socket shown above fits into the area on the left of the block. The rectangular area to the right is where the reflector, with a mounting screw on the back, fits. The lens the lamp shines through fits on the left side. Both the lens and reflector fit into a lip on the inside of the rubber block. The chrome retainer fits into a lip around the circumference of the rubber block. Friction retainment at its best (or worst, if the rubber loses its grip!). I couldn't readily find a lens or reflector to include in this post, they are buried somewhere in one of my piles of parts.

IMG_3652.JPG and
Rubber block

IMG_3651.JPG and
Rubber Block and chrome retainer
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