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S2 - S3 Alternative Muffler Arrangement.

PostPost by: ceejay » Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:04 pm

Like most elan owners, in the beginning, I too followed the original
"Twin muffler" setup attached to the rear snake shape tail pipe on
my S2 elan..

But after going through two connecting pipes, and two sets of
hot dog mufflers, I was not convinced that they were a satisfactory
solution, despite using proper hangers, clamps etc, they never seem
to hang correctly, and worse still, they just looked plain daggy.

So then I decided to ditch the two mufflers and the snake pipe in
favour of a 15" long single oval shaped sports muffler.

But changes to the profile of the boot were required.

First, a mould was carved out of thick lengths Of layered craftwood
glued together which was turned and shaped as shown in
photo number 1.

This mod was done about seventeen years ago, so the mould is now
looking pretty tired. This was also done way before my pre rotisserie days,
but we managed to get it all done OK.

But with the recent rebuild and repaint of the body on the rotisserie
we were able to clean up the underneath much easier than previously.

Honestly, a rotisserie is absolutely worth it's weight in gold, if you've
been stuffing around with trestles and old boxes and other stuff
to work on the elan body, ditch it all and go build a rotisserie.
You wont regret it.

Photos 2 and 3 show the finished look & profile of the underneath
of the boot bodywork, which provides a nice snug fit for the muffler (Silencer).

The mod has not interfered with either the fuel tank nor how the spare
tire sits in the well.

The 15" oval shape sports muffler is secured (Not shown here of course)
with a special bracket attached to a mini 850 exhaust hanger each side of
the muffler and attached to the underside of the body.
This is a simple, reliable and elegant solution, and one that is in keeping
with the style of the elan body.... no more daggy mufflers hanging too low.

yeah, I know, it's not original, the purists probably wont like it, but this
arrangement rarely calls for any maintenance, and that's what I want
more than anything.

A sheet aluminium heat shield is essential to protect the F/glass
from getting too hot and "Maybe" igniting. The heat shield is separated
from the F/glass with 5mm spacers to provide an air space.
Other types of heat shield could also be used.

1-muffler-cavity-mould.jpg and
2-muffler-cavity.jpg and
3-muffler-cavity.jpg and
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