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Wiring loom Location

PostPost by: brettfcars » Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:45 pm

Hi, I have posted before and have a 1972 elan +2,I am rebuilding from a bare stripped shell.
Can someone supply photos or a description of how and where the wiring loom gets from the back to the front of the car ?
This may sound simple but i didn't take it apart and there seams to be several routes I can make it fit.
A photo of boot layout would really help, the way it goes through the cabin and how it eventually crosses behind the dash.
I currently have it going across the boot floor for the lights before it then splits off to the tank sensor and also goes up and over the tank/strut support ? (same as +feed the other side)
Is this right as its not very tidy. And I presume it then runs down the lefthand side before crossing over the footwell and under the dash ?
I have both the front and dash loom now in the car and hope to connect this all up this week.
Thanks for any help and the answer to some of many questions !
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PostPost by: pauljones » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:42 pm


Im trying to do a complete rewire of a plus 2,ive a few pics that may help,and some vids,all on ipod format.My rear loom seems to go from the rear lights through the body on the left hand side.Battery goes along the right up to the solonoid on the poss and earths onto the chassis in the boot,normal Im sure.I have problems because I think I have severals models of loom cut and shut into one.IE engine from one model,centre from another and rear from yet again a another.

Dispite all these,Im working on a brand new loom,and incorperating EFI.

Im starting with gettting the starting/charging/ignition system up and running,Then moving onto building a permenent power curcuit for horn and lights ect.Then onto switched power curcuits that only work with power on.When these are OK,Ill introduce the EFI curcuits,IE fuel pum coils ect.

If you want the pics/vids then Email me and ill send them to you

Best off luck

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PostPost by: andywatts » Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:54 pm

Hi Brett - I understand the problem! I have a 69 +2S, and although I took it apart (some time ago) I'm also having to rack the brains to fit it back together. Should have taken more photos. Anyway, this is where I'm up to:-
My machine has a dashboard 'loom', which terminates in block connectors (it follows the original wiring exactly, but the original would have used bullets). Needless to say I built this up with the dash out, tested as much as I could, and fitted the whole lot. The front loom couples into one of the block connectors above the passengers right knee, and goes straight forward through the bulkhead, to the fuses (in my case) with tails for wipers and control box, further down the left side of the engine bay (tail for dynamo/alternator), then under the left rad bracket with tails for the fan (up over the rad), the washers, and the left light cluster. It then goes across the front just in front of the rad, splits for the right light cluster, under the right rad bracket, and then back up the right side of the engine bay, for ignition, brake lights, brake fluid warning and of course ignition.
The rear I am still working on, but my plan is as follows. The rear section also plugs into the blocks over the passenger footwell, and goes straight back on the left side of the floor, up and over the rear suspension behind the rear quarter panel (LHS) and down to the boot floor on the LHS. At this point a set of connections splits off to speakers, fuel gauge and boot light. The rest of the loom goes round the edge of the boot to left lights, no plate lights, and right light cluster.
Of course there are a number of other connections in the passenger footwell area, small looms for each door, reversing light switch etc.
The battery lead mirrors the loom, but on the RHS of the car, so from the battery, over the suspension via the quarter panel RHS, along the extreme right of the floor, over the drivers right knee and through the bulkhead.

At present I'm working with a 20A fuse in series with the battery, and only one fuse in to power the ignition - at least I can now start it on the key and I know there will be no nasty smoke coming out of it. Next steps are to couple up the ancilliaries bit by bit, and check each circuit individually. Sorry this is a lot of words and no pictures - if you have specific questions please get back and I can take a few shots.

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PostPost by: Gordon Sauer » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:14 am

This picture is as if you are looking at the car from the rear to the front. The nearest cross run of wiring goes to the taillights. Then the next point is the juncture of the wiring that goes across to the fuel gauge and trunk light (the sign by this shows a 3 and indicates this run goes behind the fuel filler neck). If you can see the card with number 1, that indicates the chassis bolt ground connection which is the rear most chassis bolt. The other rear most chassis bolt picks up the ground cable from the battery. The sign that is leftmost and shows a 2 is where the harness goes over the rear brace. This is off Federal +2S 130, July, 1972 build, 0306N so the long run going away from you in the picture runs along the driver side of the car to mate up witht the dash/front loom wiring. Gordon Sauer
IMG_0143.JPG and
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PostPost by: tcsoar » Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:11 pm


Picking up on what Gordon has put about the boot earths going to the two chassis bolts in the boot, battery earth to one and loom earth to the other, it has been talked about alot on here about the frailties of relying these bolts.
To get round this I have placed a piece of tinned copper bar between these bolts and will fix all the boot earths to this, including the battery. I also have a similar bar on one of the forward most chassis mounting points in the nose of the car. This bar picks up all the forward lighting earths as well as all the earths from the engine compartment rather than using the chassis bolts into the suspension turrets. I am also planning to install one behind the dash when I am get around to doing that. These three earth bars will then be linked together with a cable so that I will effectively have two earth return paths to the battery. Whilst rewiring the car I have also run, where possible, individual earths back to one of these three bars.

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PostPost by: brettfcars » Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:37 pm

Thanks all for your replys and i hope to get the wiring sorted over the next few days.
All pictures and descriptions apreciated and should alow me to move forward.

Work had got in the way over the last few days ! so no progress yet made !
I also have the under felt and carpet to fit once the cabling is in, with the roof lining having been fitted already thanks to information found in other posts.

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