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Wiring 'in' Screen Wash motor

PostPost by: nico » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:49 am

Hi All,
I have a screen wash motor, after noticing that the pump bellows packed up the day before the MOT was due last year and ask if anyone has wired in the screen wash motor into the rotary wiper motor switch so that it operates each time the wipers are used.

Do i need to fit a relay or install so that it work for a short burst in some way ???

Any tips and ideas apprecaited and be good to hear of solutions by others as i dont rally want to wire in another switch if I can help it.

Thanks for help in advance

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PostPost by: RotoFlexible » Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:32 pm

When I had the same issue, I unscrewed the pump from the wiper switch and replaced it with a little pushbutton switch I got at Radio Shack. I don't recall the details but I think I was able to epoxy the switch into place (it was nearly an exact fit). When the knob is pushed in, it activates the switch, which is wired directly to the pump motor in the aftermarket washer bottle I bought. I think I have a spare switch (they were a two-pack), will check tonight and post a better description.
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PostPost by: skelteanema » Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:32 pm

Also, if you want to find a replacement for the original bellows type manual pump, keep an eye out on ebay or the like for an Anglia or Cortina wiper switch with washer pump attached. The switches are markedly different (no rheostat so single or two speed only), but the washer pump is identical to the Lotus one and can be easilly swapped in. In addition the knob is identical as well. I managed to pick up a couple for not much cash. One wroked perfectly, and the other was a bit dodgy in the non-return valve, but if you are carefull you can swap the bellows by carefully prying open the base.
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