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Isuzu 5 Speed Gearbox

PostPost by: Paul A » Thu Nov 30, 2023 1:01 pm

I have a couple of Isuzu Piazza 5 speed gearboxes, one of which I have modified to fit into my S3 as i build it up. As these gearboxes have a remote linkage I'm trying to find a gearstick and housing that bolts directly to the 'box...I think these are from Chevrolet pickups and Chevy Chevette??? As I'm in the UK these gearsticks are a bit hard to find!!!!
If you know of one of these gearsticks or where I might find one, please let me know......

Many thanks
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PostPost by: ceejay » Sun Dec 24, 2023 9:58 pm

Hi Just saw your post re Isuzu 5spd gear box. I have converted one of these for install into my S2 (When I find the time to lift the body off)
A couple of pics attached to show the old original row boat tiller to the neat and compact elan like gear shifter all made from the original gear stick parts.
1-gear-stick-orignl.jpg and
2-gear-shift-mod.jpg and
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PostPost by: cabc26b » Thu Jan 18, 2024 3:23 pm

You might want to PM FamousFrank - I believe he worked up a Isuzu 5 speed for one of his projects and so amy be able to assist .
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