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Hydraulic release bearing questions

PostPost by: gjz30075 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 4:56 pm

So, I'm slowly moving forward to a T5 solution and noticed there are two types of hydraulic / concentric /
annular clutch release bearings.

One type is fully extended, at rest, not installed, and its installation requires you needing to know the
length of the throw from the master. I understand you hook it up to the master, have someone hold
down the bearing and someone push the clutch pedal. The movement is then measured and this
determines where on the snout of the seal carrier this sits. So, I'm guessing the bearing is a type
that will ALWAYS be spinning because it's riding the fingers all the time. A bad thing?

The other type is fully retracted, at rest, not installed, much like out current slave cylinder. The installation
requires measurements to keep the bearing a certain amount AWAY from the fingers, I assume, much like our
current OEM setup, when installed on the snout.

For those of you with this type of non OEM setup, which do you prefer? And what brand are you using?
Are the above assumptions correct?
It doesn't necessarily have to be a T5 setup, but that would be 'icing on the cake' here.
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