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Clutch play adjustment

PostPost by: webbslinger » Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:18 pm

I want to thank you all for advice on bleeding my clutch line awhile back. I'd never had any trouble before but that time I messed up with the slave rod adjustment, maybe because of a new boot, exactly like someone else reported doing. If you do it alone you can't see that the rod may actually be doing what it should but just be adjusted wrong.
But I learned something this time that makes it very easy to adjust the clutch play with the exhaust in place. If you go over the top with a 13/16 offset wrench to grab the adjusting nut, you can hold it and rotate it just enough to free the lock nut from underneath. Perhaps I'm the last one to figure this out, but everyone should have a 13/16 offset for this simple job. Thanks, and read all the posts before doing anything you are unsure of.
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