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PostPost by: quaybook » Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:07 pm

I recently had my noisy, leaky diff sorted for a very reasonable price by Arrow Auto Engineering in Chesterfield http://www.arrowautoengineering.co.uk/index.htm.
Website is very clunky and when you get there you find it is a one man show working from a domestic garage, but he certainly knows his English diffs. I dropped mine off when passing north on the M! and a chatted with him before leaving it, satisfied that he knew his stuff. He quoted me a very reasonable ?135 for a check over and new bearings and seals. It was thought the cage might need replacing but he said he had a number available which would cost extra if needed, but not a lot. I collected on time about 10 days later and, without being asked, he charged me less than quoted as the bearings did not need replacing.
Once back home I got out dial gauge and spring balance and checked backlash and pinion preload and found both of them nice and near the middle of the ranges specified in the manual. I checked because swopping diffs in the Elan is not a pleasant pastime to put it mildly and I didn't want to discover problem once it was in :) .
The diff is now back in the car, quiet and leak free. Excellent service, thank you Arrow!

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