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S4 Diff Nosecone Oil Seal

PostPost by: peterexpart » Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:46 pm

Is it possible to replace the Diff Nose Oil Seal without removing the Diff from the Car ??
And how difficult is it to take off the Input Flange to get to the Seal ??
Asking as have just fitted the Miller CV Drive Shafts and have noticed a leak from the Diff !!!!
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PostPost by: TroonSprint » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:48 pm

I have just removed the pinion flange from my diff, but my bodywork is off the chassis so the job is simpler. I am sure you can do it with the diff in place and the body on, but it will be a fiddle. After disconnecting the prop shaft you will need to use a couple of bolts and some means to hold the flange still while you undo the central nut (15/16" AF), which is tight.

Before you start, mark the nut and the housing with white paint or some such so that you can count the number of turns to remove the nut, and put it back in exactly the same position. This way you should get away with not disturbing the crush washer behind. My nut took 11 full turns to come off.

I had to resort to a 2-leg puller to get the flange off the shaft and with the prop still in the car I wonder if you will have enough space for that. Once off I could see why the seal leaked. The surface of the flange shaft that the seal rubs on is pitted with corrosion. Its amazing the oil didn't pour out, not just drip. I have ordered a Speedi Sleeve to repair the surface and am waiting for that and the new seal to arrive.

Good luck,
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