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Wrecked clutch but still working

PostPost by: EdHolly » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:26 pm

The clutch in 26-0425 has gradually been making a bit of a noise over the last month or so, over about the last 500km.

Thought it was the release bearing rumbling away. Didn't want to get caught out so pulled the engine yesterday and on removing the starter got hit in the face by a bit of what looked suspiciously like clutch lining material.

Well, as you can see from the photos - it is truly amazing that it still worked - and worked fine, just a hint of shudder that you could drive around with just a few more revs.

Very glad I listened to what it was telling me. The donut on the presure plate is at an angle so probably broken springs too. And the release bearing - can't fault it but will replace anyway.

Has anyone ever seen one as bad as this and still working ? The last time I had one fail was 1991 at mu CAMS licence observed test in the MGA - and it failed to proceed bigtime - we went home on back of a tilt tray.

Now back to trying to get the exhaust apart ...
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PostPost by: 512BB » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:29 am

The first thing I notice Ed, is that your plate has one less spring than all the clutch plates I have have.

As I understand it, those springs act as a type of buffer, or damper, on clutch take up. So the fact that your plate has one less spring than normal, on take up, might account for it breaking up, as it was not man enough for the job on your engine.

Hmm, having thought about it for half an hour, maybe your plate is right for an early car, but certainly, for a late car, the above applies.

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