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DIFF rebuild - opinion sought

PostPost by: europatek » Tue May 29, 2012 7:15 am

Currently rebuilding a 3.9:1 diff. Fitted new bearings. Original shim is/was 0.136". Have also tried 0.134". Would appreciate expert advise on the markings I am getting. I've found conflicting data on the patterns and can't seem to get a marking anything like the workshop manuals I have. Current thinking is move to 0.132 shim and recheck. Am I correct to understand that changing the shim moves the mark on the narrow face of the tooth - ie - between face and flank or is it the other way between heel and toe? Photos attached show markings with 0.134 and 0.136 shim. I think the overrun side looks ok but the drive side - not so sure hence my thinking of 0.132 shim.
cw-136-8.jpg and
cw-136-7.jpg and
cw-136-6.jpg and
cw-136-5.jpg and
cw-136-2.jpg and
cw-136.jpg and
cw-134.jpg and
cw-134-6.jpg and
cw-134-5.jpg and
cw-134-4.jpg and
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