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Tech question about the clutch friction plate

PostPost by: worzel » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:31 pm


Ok- I admit it's an obscure question but there is a good reason for wishing to know. I'm going to use a 5 speed box with an input shaft that might conceivably cause problems unless altered. The splines on the new box differ in location and overall length from both the 4 speed and the Type 9 which are pretty much identical apart from number of splines and shaft diameters. Two problems might arise-

Since the splines on this box start further back along from the nose and extend further towards the box itself if the input shadft is fitted into the crank spigot leaving about 1/8th between the end of the shaft and the actual crank the forward end of the splines are roughly a 1/4 inch below the flywheel face. I was concerned that the raised part of the splines on the friction plate might be "hanging" over these shorter splines.

The second problem concerns how much the centre "boss" on the clutch cover depresses when using the clutch pedal. Both the splines (and therefore the release bearing guide sleeve) finish further back towards the gearbox. I thought that if the clutch "boss" depresses enough it might conceivably happen that the release bearing might "jump" off the end of the guide and end up on the splines.

Any ideas on this one or am I being alarmist.

Regards qand thanks

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