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PostPost by: GrUmPyBoDgEr » Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:36 pm

bcmc33 wrote:I've always recommended tack welding nuts on a bare chassis engine mounting brackets, but I see the benefits of rivnuts. M8 is an equivalent to 5/16" UNF, so I guess I shall go this route as the engine is out. And probably on the next gearbox mount.

elanmac wrote:One of the trade names for the rivnuts is Bollof and they are available with a shallow countersunk head.

B?llhoff in Bielefeld was a supplier to me in a previous lifetime - from memory the most impressive thing I remember was the manufacture of Helicoils.

I've just checked out their Website & they don't appear to have "Sets" for us little 'uns.
Shame it would have been nice to have a supplier a bit more "local" to me.

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Alex, John et al.

The Tool worked fine for M8 steel rivnuts. Inside the tool is a proper thrust bearing so that the turning force is not "wasted" in friction. The end fitting is hardened steel with a radial "knurl" that grips the head of the rivnut and stops it turning. Impressive quality tool and made in Britain.

For M8 & M10, it says to use a spanner on the end of the tool (not just the knurled gold wheel) and this worked perfectly.

I bought M8 & M6 kits. Later M4. Speak to the seller, very helpful


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