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Early Plus 2 console

PostPost by: seniorchristo » Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:00 am

Two questions:

1) Was the early plastic console ever used with seatbelts?

2) How is the console secured to the chassis / tunnel?

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PostPost by: ncm » Wed Sep 06, 2023 9:08 pm

1) Yes. However the belts originally fitted did not use stalks, the catches were fitted to webbing.

2) The rear edge of the console is trapped behind the rear seat backrest. According to the manual there is a " screw at each lower front end of the tunnel top", and either 1 or 2 screws " beneath the centre armrest at the forward end"

I don't recall seeing any holes in the lower front end of the tunnel top fitted into my Jan 68 car, maybe the original owner/builder didn't bother...

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PostPost by: stugilmour » Fri Sep 15, 2023 2:42 pm

My ‘69 Federal has the two screws at the lower front. Found the whole console way too loose without these fasteners. They are the only two fasteners I use for mine. The console plastic is roughly trimmed at the rear to accommodate rear seat belts; not a great job but it doesn’t really show.

I recently fixed up the front two fasteners. Screwing straight into the body fibreglass had kind of worn out the screw hole. I used epoxy to attach short lengths of plastic door jamb trim, about 1inch wide by 3/8” thick. Instead of screws I used short Number 8 hanger studs as shown below. The #8 self tapping end screws into the plastic batten, and the console is held with 8/32 acorn nuts. The plastic battens are similar thickness to the felt soundproofing material. Way easier to attach the console by popping it over top of the threaded stud rather than trying to find the screw hole thru carpet and felt.

16 Pack #8-32 Hanger Bolt Kit with Nuts Washers Hanger Bolts for Wood Furniture

7AC8EB6C-1EA0-420D-901F-2790412AE753.jpeg (36.02 KiB) Viewed 1544 times
82FC66E1-3955-445D-9463-36904482C241.jpeg and
This shows the rear seatbelt fit. Have to be very careful to not break the plastic when installing. As mentioned in previous post there are no fasteners at the rear, just held in place by the seat back.
5B86B2BF-B536-4027-9AAB-F4A3E9F10280.jpeg and
This picture shows the side panel and console in place. I am still working on getting a better fit, and probably adding another stud to secure the top of the side panel.
5F0498D6-0A25-4FAB-9563-6EE377348310.jpeg and
This picture shows the console in place with the studs and acorn nuts. I am also using the same attachment method for the dash side panels, which can be removed without disturbing the console.
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