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PostPost by: The Veg » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:49 pm

Hard to believe, but I'm nearly ready to put the new carpets into the car! I've read through a bunch of archived posts about it and the methods look pretty clear, but I do have a question about the fitment.

When I cleaned out the interiour, I went down to the fibreglass everywhere- all underlayments, felt pads, etc were removed and discarded. After that I covered most of the interiour with some insulation made of 3/16" thick closed-cell polyethylene foam with very thin aluminium foil facing on each side, stuck in place with 3M spray adhesive. It's non-absorbent, provides pretty good thermal insulation and a little bit of acoustic damping, although obviously not as much damping as a heavier material would.

The new carpets (sourced from DBE, might be the same ones available from other suspects) came with some 1/4" felt padding, which appears be all-synthetic stuff and cut to fit under the carpet pieces.

Since I've put the PE foam everywhere, should I still use the new felt pads, or might this make the fitment of the carpets a bit awkward in places?
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