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Shoulder belt clip S4

PostPost by: 0005K » Wed Dec 02, 2020 9:06 pm

I have a Federal DHC S4 with original equipment belts as shown in the workshop manual and in RD's online Parts Manual (no retraction mechanism). There is a somewhat thin stamped clip which is shown as installed on the shoulder belt near the mounting for the shoulder anchor point. I only have one clip remaining and it is rusted badly. I do not understand the function of this clip, as where it is shown as installed, the belt fabric is heavily stitched together. It may slightly redirect the orientation of the belt towards the carpeted backboard. Maybe it prevents small belt movement near the shoulder mount anchor. Or is it installed on the cockpit side of the backboard to hold the belt fabric taut to the mounting point? Lotus probably would not have installed it if it was not needed, but ???
I am at the point of reinstalling the carpeted backboard, so if it has a safety function, I'll likely need to replace it before installing the backboard to the hood tray. What is suggested?
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