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S4 & Sprint door locks

PostPost by: 7skypilot » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:35 pm

Thanks to this excellent forum both doors on the S4 now open, close and lock correctly (well almost!).

Many of us are familiar with the system of 'coathanger' rods connecting interior and exterior door levers to locks and latches, through access that challenges even child-sized hands let alone those of an arthritic pensioner.

The S4 (UK) pax door, after complete lock/latch disassembly and lubrication to cure a recalcitrant external opening handle, refused to latch closed. Searching this excellent forum highlighted that the rod connecting the external door key-lock to the locking mechanism could easily be fitted incorrectly.

If this rod is fitted inverted it can foul the external door latching mechanism and prevent the door from latching shut. The failure will be intermittent and not immediately obvious (well, it wasn't to me!). I guess that the pax door opening on RH bends will be more noticeable!

Most of these 'coathanger' rods are difficult to fit incorrectly - the one highlighted above is really easy to get wrong!

My thanks to previous posters who highlighted the problem. Now I've just the drivers side door card lock to sort out...
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PostPost by: webrest » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:44 am

Sh!#ts of things.
Possibly most irritating and frustrating job on the Elan, and Jeez thare sure are enough of them already without fiddling about trying to fit those rotten clips and rods.
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