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PostPost by: mark030358 » Mon Mar 20, 2006 12:04 am

replace the pegs on a knock on wheel?

I have one slightly lower than the rest and wish to replace it as a safety item.

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PostPost by: andyhodg » Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:44 pm

I have replace the drive pegs in the front hubs only. To remove the pegs I stripped the hub down including removing the bearings and simply drove the pegs out using a drift and a large hammer (2 lb).

When fitting the new I again gently heated the hub and knocked the new pegs in. Sit the hub flange on something to act as a stop for the peg. If it is pushed in to far you have major problems adjusting it.

Make sure you support the flange whenever driving the pegs in or out.

I replaced my pegs because the steel wheels had caused some significant waisting of the pegs.

Good luck and make sure you don't overheat the hub.
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PostPost by: reb53 » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:30 pm

I've replaced the rears, also using a bit of heat. Used a G clamp and a couple of sockets to gently squeeze them in. Went in so easily I've been waiting for them to fall out but it was years ago and they're still OK.
If the old ones are waisted the wheel holes are probably flared which can be fixed with some careful punch and hammer work.
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PostPost by: 1964 S1 » Mon Mar 27, 2006 3:23 am

Who did you guys buy your pegs from? Are these items the source of our mysterious vibration problems?
1964 S1
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