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Gathercole special grind race cam shafts - c180bhp for sale

PostPost by: dunclentdr1 » Tue Jun 11, 2024 8:33 pm

I have a pair of cam shafts for sale - they are from an engine built by the Gathercole family for one of their own cars - a special grind by Kent Cams.

They came from a steel 1600cc race engine fitted to a Plus 2 - I had the car briefly on a rolling road and it produced 177bhp (print out available).

The cams are unsuitable for my use as it is a mix of hill climbs and circuits - David Gathercole has explained that they give a power and torque drop between 4000 and 5000rpm, this has little impact in a circuit environment and they are all about high revs and high output - peak power is at c7400 rpm.

I am happy to sell them for £100 plus shipping costs - I have some information on how to set them up but this may require some experimentation to achieve the best power and torque curves.

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