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The MT75 "Silver shifter" - a DIY special

PostPost by: Pjr » Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:21 pm

Hi all,
I am fitting an MT75 and zetec to my Elan +2 shell as it currently is sans drivetrain. I am on a tight budget and so where possible I am trying to avoid buying conversion parts unless I have at least considered if i could make something myself. Sounds ok so far - lots of you do that all the time - but in my case I have no engineering background and no real facilities. With that in mind, I should like to reveal my latest, well first actually, creation.....

.....but before I do, please note that If you try this at home, you must bear in mind that I have no idea what I am doing....

So, the problem was how to make the direct gearlever mechanism for the MT75. Obviously, Spyder make a splendid and high quality part that the sane will obviously buy, but for the poor or adventurous I have made my own using

- an m10 rose joint
- a metal spacer, about an inch long threaded to match the rose joint
- another spacer of the same dimensions but smooth bored to m10
- the original MT75 gearbox bracket - the small one that stabilises the big remote gearchange bracket
- about 500mm 10mm diameter steel bar (i cut a bit off to make the pivot pin and the rest is the gear lever)
- 2 x 19mm m8 spacers to space the bracket off of the gearbox
- the longer pair of torx screws used to attach the old remote gerachange bracket.

It sounds alot, but its about ?15 worth of bits from ebay hardware sellers. i did not have to drill or tap anything. I got a friend to do the two bits of welding and the whole construction takes minutes.......and it works! You may wish to tinker with the measurements to make it more elegant, but i would suggest you dont want the fulcrum much higher than this and the rose joint needs to be pretty much straight above the rectangular end of the change rod.

To be clear, the red is where it is welded. So the mechanism pivots on the vertical post and the rose joint does the rest.

Hopefully someone will find this of interest, if not use.

Kind regards to you all, Phil

Here is a rough sketch to show the general idea....
image.jpeg and

And the finished article
image.jpeg and
image.jpeg and
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