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MCT75 box to a std frame or Spyder Stressed Skin item

PostPost by: worzel » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:21 pm


Some pictures- of progress. Not yet fitted but showing the parts required. (A) shows special gear linkage, (B) & (C) show plates that fit together to top of box to hold rosejoint. Other versions exist but I designed this to be as low as possible so as to fit box/engine together. (D) is new gearlever. (E) is the special locating "dowel" that fits to front of MCT box. The reason for this is that I'm using a Rocket to BDA bellhousing and this dowel sits in the front of the MCT (to be held in place by two plates) and accurately locates the bellhousing. The bellhousing obviously fits over the dowel outer edge. The other pictures show a T9 against the MCT for comparison. The MCT is slightly deeper (c. half inch) and fractionally wider. Note the machined output flange to fit into the centre spine. I'll post pictures of the linkage assembly fitted to the box later this week. I've not posted any dimensions of these items but I'll defintely recored them for any interested owner considering the same route.


DSC00551.JPG and
DSC00550.JPG and
DSC00549.JPG and
DSC00548.JPG and
DSC00547.JPG and
DSC00546.JPG and
DSC00545.JPG and
DSC00544.JPG and
DSC00543.JPG and
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