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Mating a MT75 box to an elan block in a std Lotus chassis

PostPost by: worzel » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:54 am


Apologies for a sort of repeat but my original question about this topic might have become "lost" due to the way I framed the question.

I'm about to fit a MCT75 box into an early Spyder Stressed Skin chassis. Since to all intents and purposes the dimensions of this chassis are the same (at the important areas) as the std Lotus frame I wonder if any fellow owner who's carried out a MT75 transplant could throw some info my way- namely-

Does the output flange of the MT75 clear the reinforcing "bits" at the beginning of the centre box section (I'm assuming that a six bolt flange is on the box and two of the opposing faces have been ground down to leave a four bolt fitting as per mine).

How did you manage with the exhaust run since the MT75 box (and the MCT version) are pretty deep (deeper than the 4 speed original box). Did you get a custom section made up or fit something from Spyder?

Re the speedo cable- Spyder sell an adaptor that circlips to the MT75 box and a right angle drive then screws to the adaptor- did you use this system or the one from BurtonPower that looks very similar (the Burton one is described as for the Type 9 but I reckon it also fits the M75 box as well).

All info would be much appreciated. I'm trying to get around any problems I might encounter before I satart pulling things apart. I also promise to highly detail all measurements/specs etc with pictures for those trying to avoid my (plentiful) mistakes with this conversion.


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