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Lotus Elan S4SE project for sale

PostPost by: Stevew80 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 1:39 pm

This is a complete vehicle (with exception of the rear windscreen). The jobs that need to be completed are;
1. New rear windscreen fitting
2. Front brake calipers are seized so require replacing, rear brakes seem ok although a service would be
worthwhile. All brake pads are in good condition and removed (in the spares box).
3. The clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder have been removed ready for a service and service
kits are in a box of spares which will be included with the car.
4. Some wires are disconnected so attention is required to make all functional again.
5. The flexible fuel pipes to the carbs are connected via a tee piece this is broken so needs repair/replace.
6. Similarly the vacuum pipe connection to the vacuum manifold that operates the pop up headlights is also
broken (tee connection).
7. The track rod end ball joints need replacing (new ball joints are in the spares box).
8. Sometime ago (years) I remodelled the dashboard to add extra instruments. In doing this I removed the
internal heater and did not replace it. That is also in the spares box and fits behind the dashboard.
9. The small fuse block in the engine bay near the regulator could do with replacing and a new one is in the
spares box.
10. Not sure if the vacuum pods that actuate the headlights are still working after all this time may need
That summarises what I think essentially needs carrying out to make the car roadworthy.
This car I bought in 1983 and ran for 5 years. During that time I also had the car resprayed (although the
work carried out was not really good). After 1987 I commenced to work overseas and so the car was put
away in the garage and there it has remained. all these years. I have the original V5 green registration
document. Also included are aservice manual and circuit diagrams for this and other models.
DSCF1754.JPG and
S4SE a
DSCF1758.JPG and
S4SE b
DSCF1759.JPG and
Elan S4SE c
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PostPost by: SimonH » Mon Jun 10, 2024 3:58 pm

How much are you asking for the project?
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PostPost by: Lottyone » Sun Jun 16, 2024 1:05 pm

Do you have any other photographs of the interior , the underside front and back and the engine bay. Also what is your asking price?

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