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Lotus Elan 1966 S3 SE DHC … "SOLD"

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Lotus Elan 1966 S3 SE DHC … MY Elan has now been "SOLD"

I have a project that I can guarantee will be of interest to a serious Lotus Elan enthusiast. It’s unlikely that anything similar will come up for sale at any time in the future. It has huge potential. If you want a restoration project that has no hidden surprises then this might be it …

I acquired this 1966 Lotus Elan 28 years ago. Unfortunately, my work in the Motor Industry and extensive world travel restricted the time required to make progress with the project.  I am fortunate to have the space to store the Elan along with a number of other projects. However, I now have a medical issue that restricts my movement and it is with regret that I have to consider offering this project for sale.

The previous owner experienced a fire under the bonnet that damaged the body shell. With the insurance premium pay out, a significant number of new parts were purchased but very quickly, it was realised restoring the vehicle was a little bit more than they had anticipated.

So, this project has a new unpainted body complete with all panels including the bumpers.  The body, doors, boot and bonnet have had all necessary holes prepared for final assembly following painting. I temporarily installed a new windscreen for safekeeping and put the new drop glass into storage.

It was my intension to have Option 1 do the final prep and paint the body.  Frank has recently seen the project and quoted a price.

The body is sitting on a new galvanised Lotus supplied chassis.

There is a mix of new and refurbished suspension and driveline parts including new road springs and Koni dampers.  I purchased new brake discs front and rear to go with the new front callipers.  The rears callipers are complete but require refurbishing.  The differential has been sorted and is hanging in the chassis.  The prop shaft has been refurbished.  

I am married to a petrol head so we have the cylinder head on display in our house. Some work has been done to the cylinder head. A new pair of side draft Dellortos are mounted on the head.

I have the original engine and one other. No work has been done to the engine as it was my intension to acquire a fully built twin-cam from a well respected Lotus engine specialist.

There are still a few components required, for example … a radiator and coolant hoses. I have the original four branch exhaust manifold in mild steel but a decision regarding the rest of the exhaust system was to be decided at a later date in the build.

I have a new alloy fuel tank and electric fuel pump, new flip open fuel cap, filler hose and fuel lines.   The rear lamps are in good condition but every other lighting unit is new.  Paul Matty is just a short distance away and I have spent quite a significant amount of money with him!

The dash is a stunning new walnut bur and is actually mounted on the wall in our hallway. It is spaced off the wall to allow for the instruments and switch gear to be mounted. Having the dash exposed to indirect natural light has helped mature its appearance. A new speedometer was imported from R.D. Enterprises in the USA.  The remanufactured rev-counter was supplied by Sue Miller.  All the dash mounted control cables are new.

All four wheels have been refurbished in silver and have, what were, new Dunlop tyres fitted but are now too old to consider safe for road use.

The roll over bar and side crash bars was supplied by Tony Thompson Racing and in a finished installed state.  New donuts are mounted on the rear drive shafts but it was my intention to ultimately use TTR constant velocity shafts.    

Many years ago, I purchased a new pair of S3 doorframes from Brian Widowson in Sheffield.  At my request, Brian supplied the frames un-chromed as the project was going into long term storage and I wanted to choose who chromed the frames at a later date.

There is a pair of seats plus two untrimmed seat frames. Two hood covers, the correct Lotus hood frame sticks and a tonneau cover.

The amount of money that I have invested in this project would ultimately have led to a car restored to a ridiculously high standard. There is an opportunity for someone to complete this Lotus Elan painted to their preferred colour choice and ultimately have something unique and of high value.

The vehicle details can be checked on the DVLA website. It has a nice short registration number.

Steve Bennett

My Elan has now been "SOLD"
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My only observation is don't use Option 1 - I did and once bitten twice shy........................D
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PostPost by: Roy333 » Fri Sep 30, 2022 1:33 am

Can I have more information about your Elan complete ...?
Price ...?
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Hi Roy ... I am sorry but I have sold my Elan. I should have mark the advert "SOLD" but thanks anyway for the enquiry. Steve
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