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1969 Lotus Elan SE FHC

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This car was sympathetically restored by its longtime owner of 15 years. The restoration was completed with the objective of creating one of the best examples of a usable Elan. While the emphasis was on improving the car?s performance, reliability and handling, it was also important to retain the cars appearance and configuration. The restoration file is comprehensive. It includes volumes of receipts, factory Elan repair manual, and original Elan owner?s manual. All the mechanicals have been rebuilt, including engine, transmission and rear, and replacement of Rotoflex axles to solid CV drive shafts. It also includes original jack and tools. This car is fully sorted and totally reliable, and has been taken on many tours. The car has received many awards of merit. Many more pictures available. Bought the car a few months back and had no intention of selling it but another opportunity came up. I did lots of additional work to make it 100% right. $37,500 OBO.
CALL STEVE 609-504-0678
lotus-elan-1.jpg and
elan-at-home.jpg and
lotus-elan-gas-tank.jpg and
lotus-elan-paper-work.jpg and
lotus-elan-tools.jpg and
lotus-elan-interior.jpg and
lotus-elan-chassis-2.jpg and
lotus-elan.jpg and
lotus-elan-engine.jpg and
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