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1973 Elan Plus 2 S130/4 RHD - Ontario Canada - SOLD

PostPost by: daholmes1967 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:38 pm

Hi all

I am THINKING of selling my 1973 Plus 2, after 8 years its almost time to pass it along to a good home, I say almost as I haven't had it out of storage yet and had my first drive of 2017 which might change my mind and wait till next year or the one after...

Bought used from Paul Matty I had it shipped over to Canada, just couldn't find a really good one over here. Its free and clear here with an Ontario registration and all taxes paid etc. I asked for a best a cosmetic car as possible, if it needed mechanical later that was fine and this is what Paul found for me, comes fitted with a genuine factory replacement galvanized standard chassis. Mechanically and interior wise it has been 100% gone through and is what I would call fast road spec.....its drives PERFECTLY and has lots of low down torque even though it has almost 150 bhp;

Engine rebuilt 6 years ago;
QED 420 spec - 147 flywheel bhp
Steel Flywheel
Forged pistons
Reground crank -10 thou
New Oil and water pumps
Titanium valve retainers and new springs buckets etc.
Vernier timing gears and new chain
Poly V front drive belt and pulleys
40 DHLA Dellortos fully rebuilt and tuned
Full width air box
K&N canister in nose
Brand new distributor and pertronix (rebuilt tacho to suit)

Gearbox rebuilt at the same time, new synchros clutch input shaft etc.
Has Pat Thomas concentric clutch, very light and doesn't get cooked by the manifold/headers
Susan Miller CV's
Billet steel diff outputs and outer axles
Adjustable rear A arms
Spyder fabricated adjustable rear uprights

Tony Thompson 26R exhaust and radiator, electric fan 73 degree stat etc so fine in 35 degree weather

All new suspension specked by Pat Thomas
50% uprated springs
Fully adjustable Koni's all around
Uprated front anti-roll bar
Poly bushes.......etc

Rebuilt Diff with Quaife gear based limited slip

Genuine Colin Chapman signature steering wheel, re-trimmed boot and some interior, ALL the interior lights work and have LEDs fitted as do the instruments.....

Lost more that I probably can't remember but check out the pictures..

Body is not perfect, but looks great until you get close up, its a driver.........

Looking for offers $35k Canadian or above.

trim-2.jpg and
interior-2.jpg and
interior-1.jpg and
img00131-20110917-1346_2.jpg and
img00129-20110917-1346-1.jpg and
img_2794-2.jpg and
img_2789-1.jpg and
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PostPost by: elansprint » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:48 pm

Dave what a lovely looking +2 you will regret selling but good luck with the sale
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PostPost by: simgrewal » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:07 am

Hi Dave

This may come as a surprise, your car is in Sydney Australia, enjoying sunshine

Let me introduce myself: I am Sim Grewal, have been fond of Plus2s since the early 70s while in UK

Yours is the third one I have owned, bought it from Paul Matty in early 2018.

I would like to exchange some notes with you if possible, please respond if you can.

My email is [email protected]

With Regards
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