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The Ultimate 1969 S4 SE DHC project

PostPost by: DaveAlmey » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:38 pm

Sometimes you have to realise that it's time to give up.....that's the point I have reached with this 1969 S4 SE DHC project.

I bought this accident damaged S4 about 10 years ago, the driver lost the plot going over a rise, spun the wheels which sheared the rear driveshaft donut and backed the whole lot backwards into a dry stone wall.

I'm an aircraft engineer and this car has been done absolutely correct, (that's probably been my problem) without skimping or thinking of costs at any point.

So what's been done.

Bare stripped Lotus chassis checked and bead blasted and powder coated satin black along with all the main suspension parts. Running gear rebuilt with poly bushes, all new wheel bearings, seals, brake callipers rebuilt and cad plated by Classic, all new hoses and brake pipes by Goodrich.

Vegatune engine rebuilt with Big valve head overhauled by Cylinder Head services to take unleaded fuel, factory overhauled Delorto carbs, rebuilt fuel pump and new oil pump. Flywheel skimmed, new clutch. Gear box and diff rebuilt, all refitted with new mounts etc. TT driveshafts. Radiator recored. Steering rack overhauled with new track rod ends etc

Complete new body shell, with bonnet, boot, doors, bumpers and head light pods. All trimmed fitted and adjusted for a perfect fit, no crappy door gaps. All (except bumpers) primed and professionals refinished in yellow.

Bodywork refitted, new alloy fuel tank, 5 refurbished knock on wheels, new period tyres. New shock absorbers, all new wiring looms and relays (including pop up head light flash) all brand new lights. New clutch and brake master cylinders, new clutch slave cylinder

Dash panel replaced, instruments all serviced, new wiring loom, professionally refurbished Chapman autographed steering wheel with correct black horn push.

Every nut bolt bush and seal has been replaced, all the hardware used is cadmium plated unified aircraft stuff, no cheap crap

What's left to do
Fit the new seat rails, new interior carpets and underlay, fit the leather reupholstered seats and consul. Connect up the wiring looms and fit the dash panel. Fit the new luminition then fit the overhauled carbs. Bumpers need final fit and painting. New included windscreen to be fitted. Doors which have been completely rebuilt need hanging, the chrome has been re done and new glass and seal fitted. Hood frame needs cleaning, painting and fitting. New supplied hood to be fitted. All new badges to be fitted. New door and boot rubbers to be fitted.

I believe all the parts to finish are here and included, virtually everything is new if it was available or overhauled. Everything where possible was supplied by Sue Miller.

I recon I have so far spent in excess of ?27000 on the project so far plus 100's and 100's of hours.

New items (and I'll probably miss a few)

Body shell c/w bonnet, boot, doors, head light pods and bumpers
Tyres & tubes, shock absorbers, poly bushes everywhere
All lights front, back, indicator, side, repeaters, dash. Vacuum tanks
Brake servo, pipes, pads.
Starter motor
Air filter assembly. Front grille
Radiator hoses, door seals, boot seal.
Windscreen and door glasses, windscreen rubber
Tonneau cover and hood
Alloy fuel tank, fuel sender, fuel pipes
Boot floor boards
Dash panel, all wiring looms, fuse box, solenoid and all relays
Stainless steel exhaust system
Seat rails and clamps
Door interior latches, handles and locks, all door seals
Luminition ignition. Horn push
TT drive shafts, prop shaft CV joints, track rod ends, all engine and gear box mounts, wheel bearings
Clutch, clutch master and slave cylinder, brake master cylinder
Every nut bolt and washer

Overhauled parts

Chapman signed steering wheel
Re chromed door glass surrounds and wheel spinner
All brake callipers
Radiator and heater rad
Steering rack
Dellorto carbs
Dash instruments
Gearbox and diff

I'm not going to do loads of photos if your seriously interested then you will talk and come and look, I have no time for tyre kickers

I'm open to sensible offers if they reflect the condition, or I could break it for spares which would probably be more lucrative

01406 371779 in office hours
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PostPost by: elansprint71 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:53 pm

Sounds like a lot of work and new parts. Are you trying to sell this as an old car, or a new car?
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PostPost by: gmzez » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:30 pm

OOOpppps your 1st tyre kicker
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PostPost by: elanfan1 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:02 pm

gmzez wrote:OOOpppps your 1st tyre kicker

This should go well!

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