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1968 Elan S4 SE DHC for sale UK

PostPost by: nigelrbfurness » Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:32 pm

1968 S4 SE DHC, been in my collection since 1983. The car is located in South Gloucestershire UK and has been fully restored on Lotus Galvanised chassis (painted red), since when it has done only approximately 30 miles to date. The car is in Lotus Yellow. The body was stripped back to the gel coat two years ago, tissued and resurfaced where necessary. Any old repairs were either replaced or improved. It was then given a very high-quality respray in cellulose. The paint is still immaculate today and there is no evidence of sinkage or other paint problems associated with badly-repaired fibreglass. The body has a great shape to it, the doors fit well and there are just one or two stress cracks around the bootlid hinges. The hood is new and the interior has been refurbished with new carpets and the dashboard has been re-veneered to its original appearance.

The engine has been linered back to standard and new pistons, rings etc fitted. Gearbox and back axle are noise-free as far as I can tell, and the gear change is very good. The clutch is a heavy-duty item and a bit fierce, it may bed in with some mileage. A stainless twin-box exhaust is fitted. An alternator is fitted but the original dynamo is with the car and the wiring has not been cut bout so it could easily be refitted.

The suspension contains many new parts and all bushes have been replaced. I drove the car today and it is a lovely car to drive. There are one or two odd bits that come with it for concourse freaks - the original radio (not fitted) and some new old-stock Trico windscreen wiper blades as well.

I need the space for another project, so regretfully it must go. I would expect this car to make in excess of ?25K at auction. Please PM me if you are interested. - more photos are available.

Nigel F.
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