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Lotus ?lan S4SE FHC Project 1970 - SOLD

PostPost by: casalunge » Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:00 pm

A venture into Formula Junior, one Lotus 7 project underway and another to follow means reality has set in and the time has come to part with my S4 ?lan whilst as progress has been made, I envisage it will be exactly where it is in 2 years time. Acquired by me in August 2012.

The car is/was a 1970 Fed Spec LHD S4 SE that the one previous owner came over to Lotus to collect, had it UK registered at Norfolk before embarking on a one month tour of Europe before shipping back Stateside. The car was run for 10 years before being parked up in 1980 and then languished in California.

My intention was to make it into a fast/light road car (as will be seen from the parts below) with a hint of retro thrown in.

The car is matching numbers with original bill of sale original handbook and certificate of provenance from the factory. Club Lotus assisted me obtain the original UK registration number and a new V5 was issued.

A new Lotus Replacement chassis is included with towing eye,strengthened engine and diff mounts as per 26R chassis specified at time of manufacture. The original section of chassis showing the original chassis number has been retained.

What follows is a list of what remains of the original car, the original car parts that have already been refurbished, the new parts purchased and a few rare period parts I have put to one side over the years.

I will consider selling the original car/parts and new chassis separately as I appreciate what I was going to do with car is not to everyone's taste.


Bodyshell, doors,bonnet and boot - steel inserts are superb,signs of light accident damage at some point to front nearside.Damage to boot floor however the TTR exhaust system intended below would necessitate a larger recessed floor/boot panel.(Apart from some localised repair painting the body only had its original coat of paint and much of this has has now been taken back to primer/gel coat)

Both door frames - no rot at bases.
Rear Screen
Door handles/Lock Assemblies/Inner Door Handles and rods
Door cards
Transmission Tunnel Cover
Pedal Box
Steering Column and Brackets
Wiper motor
Gearbox requires overhaul
Engine Original L Block matching number requires overhaul. (Stromberg head has long gone and a QED Weber head with less than 2000 miles since they breathed on it is on the shelf).
Bellhousing to engine sandwich plate
Differential requires overhaul
Diff locating rods
Front Hubs
Rear Hubs
Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders and Slave Cylinder
Clutch fork
Front Anti Roll Bar
Handbrake Tree
Front & Rear Bumpers
Starter Motor


Propshaft overhauled by Bailey Morris
Front & Rear Brake Calipers overhauled by Classic Car Automotive
Front & Rear Wishbones
Steering arms
Brake Caliper Mounting Plates
Re chromed plenum air intake grill
Boot lock assembly


Lotus Replacement Chassis as aforementioned
Fully adjustable Spax Dampers front and rear.
Springs front and rear
TTR Driveshafts
TTR Fast Road complete exhaust system
TTR 3 Eared AlloyWheel Spinners
TTR Alloy Radiator
TTR Electric Fan
TTR Radiator header tank
TTR Diff output shafts
TTR perspex light covers and lights
26R Steering Wheel made by the late Dave Stanley of Alpha Wheels
Steering rack mounts
Front uprights
Heavy duty wishbone bushes,engine mounts,diff mounts.
Boot Hinges
Lower air intake grill
Chrome Bumper Strip
NOS Lucas ignition switch


Early LOTUS Big Valve Cam Cover with "LOTUS" inverted. I believe approx 50 produced.
Genuine 105E 7505 Alloy Bellhousing Cover
Yellow Badge Lotus Horn Push
QED Weber Head
Diff Bracing Bar

There is also a set of K/O Minilites which I purchased new with a new set of Pirelli 3000's that have completed less than 500 miles

I will leave you to do the sums regarding the new,refurbished and rare parts.

I would encourage an inspection so that any prospective purchaser appreciates fully what they are buying. Then if still interested I will dig out one of the Sevens and we can pop down the pub and haggle over the price.

Please note if it ain't listed above it ain't there.



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