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This sale is for a 1968 Lotus Elan S3 that has not been on the road for close on 30 years. There is a correct V5, but as the car has not been on the road for the stated 30 years, is pre SORN, so you will not be driven mad by the DVLA to continually SORN the car, while you complete the rebuild.

The car was originally a DHC and the V5 still states that it is a Type 45, but as you can see, it is now fitted with a FHC bodyshell. So you have 2 options as I see it. You could restore the bodyshell as is, and when the car is ready to go back on the road, you could get the DVLA to alter the V5 to state that it is a Type 36. Or, you could cut the roof off and bond in a windscreen surround, and then the V5 would be correct as it is.

All the paint has been removed from the bodyshell, saving you 100's of man hours of scrapping off old paint. It is now easy to see where any rectification work would be required. The eagle eyed amongst you will have observed that the shell is fitted with S4 wheel arches. These could easily be cut off and replaced with correct S3 arches if so desired. The windscreen surround and 4 wheel arches are available from Boss Motors for less than ?300.

This bodyshell is currently set up as a LHD vehicle, with the holes cut in the left hand footwell for the steering column and master cylinders, the right hand holes having been glassed up. The shell was originally a RHD., and it would be a simple task to revert it back to how it was. There is a RHD steering rack with the car.

The chassis on the car is knacked, but I have an excellent spare, used chassis, that could go with the car, for an additional ?650 on the asking price of the car. This chassis has been on Spyder Cars flat table, and declared straight and true.

The engine pictured, has been stated by the previous owner of the car, as having been rebuilt by him, a mechanical engineer, within the past 2 years, and has never been run since.

So, this is what is included in the sale. V5 log book stating the chassis no. as 45/7695, reg mark HSB 730G, complete body shell inc. all panels which are an excellent fit, rebuilt twin cam engine on +20 pistons, rolling chassis inc. all suspension components, RHD steering rack, steering column, steering wheel etc as pictured, differential, half shafts and donuts, correct door frames and glass, front screen, 2 front callipers, 2 rear calipers, dynamo, starter motor, propshaft, gearbox, fuel tank, 2 correct Elan seats, correct scuttle grill and dashboard with all instruments, heater box, knobs and knockers!

I am getting bored now, you get everything pictured. If you would like better pictures, send me your email address in a PM.

Total price for the car ?6750, not including my good used chassis
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