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PostPost by: jono » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:19 pm

I have decided to sell my JPS 5 speed as one project is sufficient and realistically I am unlikely to find the time to give the JPS the attention it deserves.

I bought the car from Mark Kempson on this Forum early in 2010. It is a genuine JPS in totally unmolested and complete condition having never been taken apart. It is on the original chassis and has covered only 38,000 miles which I absolutely trust to be genuine.

This really is an totally correct car and would make the perfect candidate for a concourse restoration as simply everything is there and it is completely original.

The car does however require restoration and the paint in particular is poor, being micro blistered, but the shell is excellent with no evidence of previous damage or new panels and has the original gel flake roof and sills. I am sure that the chassis could be checked and refurbished by Spyder and made to go again. I have scraped around the front turrets and there is bright metal beneath the red lead and bitumastic paint.

The interior is lovely - lightly patinated and very clean, even the dash is good to retain with just some very minor cracks in the resin.

The story goes that the car was laid up in the mid 80's as the paint went bad shortly after a repaint.

The first thing I did when I bought the car was to have the engine rebuilt and this work was undetraken by a well respected twin cam engine builder who also built the engine in my other + 2. When the engine was stripped it was found to be all on original sizes and factory bearings and pistons. Such was it's condition that it has been rebuilt entirely to original spec, namely mains, big ends, and bores all std using new bearings and rings, new water pump, oil pump etc. The head has been fully rebuilt with new valves, cam bearings and unleaded seats. The engine was not left standard to save money on pistons and such like but because it did not require anything more and I particularly wanted to have a totally standard engine (okay, save for stainlesss valves and hardened seats).

The head and bottom end have been kept separate for inspection. Please do not ask if the engine is available separately - this is a proper matching numbers car and that is the way I would like it to stay.

This is in my view a significant car and potentially quite a special JPS owing to it's originality and genuinely low mileage. It would be a joy to restore but, alas, it is unlikely to be me who does it.

I thought I would tentatively offer it up on here first in the hope that a genuine enthusiast will take it on.

Looking for around ?6k.

Interior.JPG and
Head.JPG and
Engine.JPG and
Bottom.JPG and
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PostPost by: Timb » Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:32 pm

Hi Jon,

Is this +2 still for sale? Do you have a contact phone number please.

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