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1973 Elan +2 130/5 Project for Sale

PostPost by: KevCam » Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:51 am

Hi All,

Unfortunately having just started a new job I have come to the conclusion that I will not have time to finish my lotus restoration :cry: so it is time to give others the chance to take it forward :) .

She is a 1973 Elan +2 130/5 (registered on the 24th April 1973 and sold though Steele Sports Motors in Glasgow I believe) and is Carnival Red with a Gold Metaflake roof (quite possibly originally Silver).

I have owned HYS 415L since 2004 (my uncle having owned her since 1985) and over the last seven years have collected a lot of the parts needed to complete the project which I have listed out in the attached pdf file together with the costs and where I purchased them from. As far as I am aware the car is original and all the parts are there (apart from the exhaust which needed replacing and was too large to store easily).

The body is in pretty good condition with only a small scar to the front driver side corner (where apparently a little old lady came round the corner and hit it with her car just as my uncle was reversing into his garage!). There is no significant spider cracking and the gel coat is in good condition and apart from the top of the roof fading the colour is still quite vibrant - I was not going to have the body restored as I thought it was really very good. The front wind screen still has the original chrome surround and the rear screen is currenlty out but I can set it back in temporarily if required.

I have refurbished the engine and carbs (twin Dellorto DHLA 40s) but they have not been tested. I send the head, block and crank shaft away to a local motor factors to be checked and apart from replacing one valve they all got the nod of approval (bores had previously been honed to +0.020" and crank to +0.010".

The chassis is a second hand item that I bought from Edinburgh Sportscars in Dalkeith. I had it shot blasted and primed before I repaired a crack where the passenger side front suspension tower connects and then epoxy painted it. The weld looks strong but I had decided that due to the uncertainlty surrounding chassis replacement with a used item and being hit with a Q-Plate I was going to save up and buy either a new lotus chassis or a Spyder chassis.

The car is currently fully stripped with the body placed back on the chassis and on casters so I can move it round the garage but if necessary I could put the running gear back together to provide a rolling chassis for transport.

I have access to a car trailer so could deliver for an agreed cost to cover the fuel (I live in Aberdeen, Scotland) and due to work an home commitments would not be able to deliver to you until the end of September.

I have attached some photos but if you would like any additional photos please pm me and i will try and send them to you (although I am in Houston from the 21st to the 26th August so there may be a delay in me responding to you.

As you can see, I have spent just under ?5000 on parts not including the cost of the car itself but am open to realistic offers - if I can cover the cost of the parts I will be happy.

Many thanks

DSCF0593.JPG and
Front Damage 040105 1.jpg and
DSCF0738.JPG and
DSCF0836.JPG and
Body on Trailer.JPG and
Lotus Costs.pdf
List of parts bought
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PostPost by: KevCam » Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:58 pm

thanks for the interest, I have just agreed the sale of the car


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